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Why belong to the LBP?

As Professional Piercers we have seen how our profession has gone from being an experimental practice to being an established guild in which many of its members have studied and made various efforts to perform our work in the best possible way.


Our goal as LBP is to come together to raise the standards of piercing and unify practices while respecting our differences.

By joining you will be receiving support, dissemination and great benefits for the piercing community.


We are a new association, so we are constantly growing and setting the course for the future. Fortunately we have the experience and support of the APP and, more importantly, we look forward to the participation of professional and committed piercers from Mexico and Latin America to build an association that unites us and truly represents us as a union.

If you want to renew, or start your membership, you can do so from the following links but we recommend that you read the requirements beforehand:

Application for LBP Membership

Renewal form

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